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Tropical Leaves

Our solution is based on the Limelight, an sampling platform that involves several components: 1) drone delivery to the canopy of the rainforest 2) bioacoustic data collection 3) image collection of the insects that are attracted to the device 4) collection of insect specimens from malaise, pit-fall and dungfly traps 5) real time feed of data back to the base 6) recovery 7) species identification using machine learning platforms at base. We continue to explore new avenues of data collection including genetics, plant chemistry, plant volatile chemistry.


We are also working with Kichwa and Waorani indigenous groups in Ecuador to better understand the role of species diversity in their lives and the pathways to sustainability.  Finally, communication of insights and diversity measures will be a critical component of sharing our solution with the world.

Semifinal Systems Diagram - movie.jpg
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